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The Mees Family Rule

In the new AMA/AFT flat track rulebook there is the following new rule, reacting to the occasion pictured above when Jared Mees took his wife, former pro level racer Nichole, and their toddler daughter on the start of a flag lap.

If a rider takes a victory lap only one celebratory passenger is permitted, and that passenger cannot be a minor (less than 18 years of age). The rider must ride responsibly and at moderate speed.

I posted the photo on instagram, and it copied to facebook, where this reply was written.

AFT now has a MEES FAMILY RULE as well as a ROBBY_BOBBY RULE!. In the first case they are being PC to avoid complaints from bleeding heart child protectionists!

Facebook seems to attract comments that make me shake my head with disappointment. I had to react, 'Imagine the global headlines if, after every winner decides they want to take a toddler or younger sibling on a celebration lap, and the kid gets hurt: insurance for events increases, promoters pull out, races don't happen. Have you ever seen the kind of risk assessment that race promoters have to fill out? The sport's on a knife edge as it is. This occasion [in the picture] was neat and I didn't think there was much risk, but AFT are trying to protect the sport, nothing more. And don't say nothing goes wrong on celebrations laps, I've seen both Henry Wiles and Davis Fisher wipe out on celebration laps.'

AFT seems to be getting a lot of bashing recently, but that what happens when you're a bunch of bleeding hear child protectionists, I guess.


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