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Swap & Slide, Georgia

Chastin Brand is a vintage bike rider, old van lover (that's his with the bubble window, below), pro signwriter and flat track enthusiast. He and his wife Lauren are organising the Swap and Slide a swap meet, ride day and campout. It's held on their property in Reynolds, Georgia. They have a flat track, scrambles track and 2.5 miles of single track.  

Vendor spots are $20, rider pass is $10 camping included. 

Best to contact him through his instagram - @chastinbrand

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Sep 16, 2020

This sounds amazing. Oh to visit Georgia again. The last time I camped out in Georgia, it was with Uncle Sam's gear wearing GI* clothing...sans flat track bikes, beer, and good times. Have a blast!


*General Issue, not Gary Inman.

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