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My 5 Favourite Photos From The Internet (as of today)

Guest post from Norm Motorcycho, in Vancouver, Canada.

Of the 15,000 pictures that are floating around inside my computer, probably about half are ones taken from the web from years and years of blog readings and internet searching. Of those 7500+ photos there always seems to be a few that regularly come to mind, or make an appearance in one way or another. It didn't take long to narrow down thousands of pictures to my top 5 in no particular order.

Art Bikes for sale

These 3 bikes came up on eBay over 10 years ago. The seller was asking $20,000 for the set. They haunted me for years. Not only cool art pieces, but really cool bikes as well. The Hercules Wankel is still one of my dream bikes.

Malcolm Smith

Mr. Motorcycle, in stylish stars and stripes shorts, modelling, a la some Olympic swimmer, 5 of his 9 International Six Day Trials medals. Did you know that MS was born on Saltspring Island, a short one-hour ferry ride from were I live?

Minibike Gang

If I could go back in time and change anything in my life... I'd go back to when I was 11 years old and I would start up a minibike gang and pose for a picture exactly like this one! This photo embodies everything I thought was cool 49 years ago.

'John Travolta' on a Guzzi

Well, at first glance I thought it was John Travolta, but probably not. Instead, just some guy in a leather cod piece and Gestapo hat posing for a photo after arriving at his summer cabin by the lake on his '73 Eldorado. Another photo I may recreate one day.

Evel Shoots, Evel Scores!

Like finding out that Malcolm was born in British Columbia Canada, It was a pivotal moment in my life when I found out Evel Knievel was a Hockey player! One time when me and my wife were riding around Eastern British Columbia we had to stop at a hardware store for a bike repair. I had a leather jacket I was wearing that had 'Viva Knievel' painted on the back. As I was fixing something on my wife's bike an elderly man came up to me and said: 'Bet you didn't know that Evel played hockey?' and then proceeded to tell me about playing against him back in the day. 'He was a son-of-a-bitch'.

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20 Οκτ 2020


Thanks Norm. I'm still working on my Malcom wallpaper.

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Ted  Ellis
Ted Ellis
19 Οκτ 2020

Evel Knievel played hockey???

Now THAT is cool. That made logging in to the interweb worth it for a change. Miracles really happen now and then. Thanks!

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