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Malle Mile: This Weekend

The Malle Mile salvaged our motorcycling summer last year. We'd never been before, rolled up with our stand, and watched the daftness stylishly unfold before us. How they managed to get approval for an event like that in the middle of a UK lockdown was beyond us, but it was enough to keep us going for the rest of the year.

Due to difficulties with the neighbours (it was the neighbours that were the trouble, not, for a change, the noisy bikes), the event has relocated from South London to South Lincolnshire. Grimsthorpe Castle, PE10 0LY, to be exact.

It's happening Friday 23 to Sunday 25 July. And we're going to be there. so if you go, come by our stand and say hello.

For more info and ticket details, visit the Malle Mile


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