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Jan's Triumph T140

I wasn't tuned into the old Harley market when the exodus of Knuckles, Pans and Shovels were leaving the USA by the container-load, heading for the Tokyo docks, and Japanese builders and customisers, who, at the time, were more appreciative of these older Harleys than a lot of US riders. This was the height of fat tyre, OCC, Exile, West Coast Choppers. The Japanese sidestepped it and were grooving on the old bikes that, now America has gone mad for them, prices have quadrupled.

I'm mentioning this, because it feels, in a slightly smaller, but still significant way what is happening with Europe and dirt track framers and vintage flat trackers. With the growth of amateur dirt track right across mainland Europe, a whole pool of buyers are being turned on to the joy of going fast and turning left, and many of them are inspired by the classic look of air-cooled framers and On Any Sunday-era vintage bikes. One such rider is Jan Van Vijnckt from Belgium. He found his bike on, and says...

Bike is originally a 1978 Triumph T140 Bonneville. I bought the bike from Phil Miller ( M& J Racing) who unfortunately passed away last week due to illness.

The bike came from Baltimore, and I had it shipped to Belgium.

Since then I repainted the bike and also put new exhausts on it.

The side covers will come in black and also the front plate will be put my racing numbers on it.

I'm planning to do races in whole Europe, and, if possible, come to the UK next year .

Thanks, and hope to see each other at races.



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