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Indian x Tank Machine NEON

I've had these photos for a while, meaning to post them but [add excuse here]. Anyway, last bit of business for the day is to post them.

I tell myself I don't normally go for bikes like this, Indian Scout Bobber, but I borrowed one for a ten-day trip to California, when they just came out in 2017, and dug it. I put hundreds of miles on it, riding out to Perris for the Half-Mile National - that season's finale, to Biltwell in Temecula, back and forth to my mate Kirk's in Pasadena, over to Deus in Venice, and then to the first RSD Moto Beach Classic at Bolsa Chica. What. A. Trip. And I did it all on the Scout Bobber, weighed down with a week's clothing and my race gear too. So, I a soft spot for them.

These are limited editions created by custom workshop Tank Machine for Parisian dealer Indian Étoile. The most striking part of the customisation is the NASCAR-inspired livery. 'I really wanted to imagine some intense colour and work on a new line that would redraw the Indian Scout's tank,' says Tank Machine's Clement Molina.

But they're more than a paint job. The builder references dirt track with the new handlebars and Supertrapp exhaust. The tucked in nacelle accentuates the already muscular front end, and the colour matched stitching on the reupholstered seats is neat too.

For more details or to order one, contact

Modifications: • Choice of three “NEON” paint schemes • NEON Upholstery design with colour-matched stitching • Tank Machine dirt headlight plate with handlebar switch for “Day Light” position • Tank Machine Plate Holder • Street handlebar with mirrors and turn signal handlebar ends • Trask air filter kit • Supertrapp Black Edition Exhaust • Multifunction taillight kit • AVON tires • Full Cycle Part Treatment in Matte Black including the wheel rims • Fork gaiters


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