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Got Your Back

When is it not T-shirt weather? Layer up. Wear it under a shirt or a hoodie, set you sofa on fire and strip everything off, except your favourite T-shirt. Or live somewhere warm.

Now we've established it is T-shirt weather, wherever you are, can we introduce you to a killer new shirt with artwork by Tom J Newell? Tom says, 'I wanted to highlight the sense of community that Sideburn creates through this symbiotic relationship of the bird who cleans the crocodile’s teeth. Whatever your background, you can have someone’s back.'

The design has big croc back print and biker bird detail up front. It was printed in the UK on a 100% organic shirt.

You can order from the Sideburn Shop

For all fellow bird nerds, the avian carrying out the dentistry is an Egyptian Plover. Handsome bit of inter-species cooperation.


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