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We have made a bunch of our back issues free for you to read and refer to on the ISSUU platform. Sideburn 31 to 43, plus the Indian and Royal Enfield editions are free in their entirety.

Plus all the adverts are linked, so if something catches your eye, just click on the page page and head to the advertiser's website.

Why does a company in the business of selling magazines decide to give it away for free? Won't it kill the printed mag?

Our strong belief is no. We have a great deal of faith in the comparison of vinyl records and streaming services. People can get any song in the world on their phone or computer, but record stores stay open, and vinyl continues to be made. People still want vinyl, and they still want magazines. We’re just going to turn on a whole new audience to the mag who struggle to get hold of it and would like to ‘stream’ it. And, in turn, get a whole bunch more eyes on this thing we love, and the advertisers who support us.

It's taken us a while to iron out the glitches, and we think we've got them all, but if you find anything, please let us know.

And if you want to buy our beautiful printed magazine, or anything else we make, head to


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