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For Sale: Two Domi projects & tools

This is an unusual, but interesting sale. It's comprises two part-modified Honda Dominator 650s, plus tools. Pablo, who was building the bikes, has returned home, after living in England, and is selling the complete job lot. Here's what he says...

Selling 2 motorbike projects (Honda Dominator 1995 & 1998) taken apart, with all the original components or their V5C, replacements, modifications, most of customized parts plus all the necessary tools to finish this project off and workbenches, bike stands, etc. Not selling only the bikes, all the tools need to go too.

The project is about 70% completed, mainly electrical wiring, fiberglass parts, seat missing. Both engines up and running before being taken a part with less than 30k miles each (will confirm). Almost no extra parts needed to finish it off. Full explanation will be given when collecting. A lot of effort, love and dedication have been put into this project and the only reason for selling is moving abroad due to pandemic, otherwise we wouldn't sell it at all. Please if question don't hesitate to get in touch, I can provide with more photos or detailed information about tools/parts. Price: £6500. ONO.

Location: Oxford, UK

Contact: Pablo -

Project main parts (minor parts not included in description): - 2 Honda NX650 Dominator (1995 & 1998, 26k & 33k miles each). Both bikes have exactly the same job done. Original subframe has been removed and a 7/8” OD new one has been designed, bent and TIG welded to the frame. - 3 Off Front USDM forks from Hyosung GTR650 (one of them is a bit bent) & fork service kit. - 2 Off Bespoke steering stems (EN24T steel) to fit Hyosung triple tree in the Honda frame. (Designed by ourselves and machined in a machining factory)

- 2 Off stem bearing sets. - 2 Off Aluminium 28mm to 22mm Fat bar handlebar and bespoke 28mm aluminium riser clamps to suit the Hyosung triple tree. (designed to wear the wiring inside them, so the bike will look cleaner). - 2 Off Honda SRL650 front wheels 19” & Brembo brake callipers. - 2 Off bespoke front caliper mount designed and development by McLaren engineers in a superhigh strength steel. - Brake caliper refurbish set. - 2 Off GPS speedometers. 3D printed case to suit them to the triple tree already designed with a couple of prototypes tested. - 2 Off Led 5.75” headlights - 2 Off headlight black shells. - 2 Off Bespoke brass nuts with steel ignition push button in them to hold the steering stem. - 4 Off black CNC aluminium M-switches for 22mm handlebar. - 4 Off Turn signal lights for handlebar ends. - 2 Off Honda CG125 fuel tanks with fuel tank caps. - 2 Off oil filters. - 2 Off Ramair air filters. - 2 Off fuel filters and hose connectors. - 4 Off bespoke exhaust clamps to suit 1.5” OD ST Steel tube. - 4 Off straight mufflers for 1.5” OD tube. - 2 Off Compact Lithium batteries & 1 Off charger. - Few led tuning signal lights and number plate lights in black CNC aluminium cases. - 2x Tail Brake Light & fender. - Wiring cables in random colours. - 2 Off Seat latches.

Main tools: - 2x wooden workbenches. - Cutting mat. - Vice. - Bench grinder. - Mannesmann Socket set. - Led worklight. - Black & Decker rotary tool. - Black & Decker Drill. - Black & Decker angle grinder. - Black & Decker heat gun. - Black & Decker Sander - Air compressor 50L 2,45hp. - Air impact gun. - Bike scissor lift. - Rohr TIG ARC Welder portable Inverter MMA 160A DC. - Argon bottle regulator, welding globes, mask & welding torch parts. - Screwdrivers, hammers, punch, pliers, allen keys… - Spring compressors.


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