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Dying Breed

With the news of the Death of Rye House Speedway Track, there are now five UK Speedway tracks I've raced at in the 15 or so years I've been flat tracking that are now closed, and don't look like reopening. While having a quick search of the status of Coventry Stadium aka Brandon Stadium, I found these photos on a local paper's website, taken by Neil Logan.

The site has been vandalised and set on fire more than once since its last race in 2016, and I only post this because Sideburn has a special bond with the track, as it hosted the first ever Dirt Quake, and was where Patteran productions filmed the memorable advert for the event, an event that helped change the way the wider world thinks about flat track - as something they can get involved with and participate in, not something just the heroes do at 120mph at Springfield. Watch the film below, and also the recap of the day.

If anyone is wondering, the other tracks I've raced that have since closed are Mildenhall, Oxford, Newport and, as stated, Rye House. The are plenty more on their last legs. Anyway, watch the shirt films and remember the good times. As FTWCo say, support your local racetrack.

Dirt Quake 1 trailer (above), Dirt Quake 1 recap (below)

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