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DTRA New Meat: Yamaha 350

Dan sent photos of his newly modified Yamaha 350 flat tracker. He plans to race it in the DTRA Vintage class this year. Twin shock, pre-75. Should be Vintage right? I re-read the DTRA Vintage Evo post and it seems it's too early for that. What a great addition to the class.

Dan says:

Originally a 1971 YR5, it was fitted with a 73 RD350 engine by my dad in the late 70s.

Engines built, vapour-blasted, uprated ignition, cylinders ported and race pipes.

Small Champion-style tank

Champion seat unit

Trackmaster front wheel [?]

Akront rear and drum

Hope to be racing in vintage class this season.

Follow Dan on instagram at @StibniteMoto

As an aside, when did British people start using the phrase 'The engine's built'? Is it the same as we'd have previously said, 'It's tuned'? The constant evolution of language, eh?


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