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DTRA Gets Electrified

Sideburn is pleased to be first to share news that the UK and European race promoters, Dirt Track Riders Association, are launching an electric bike class with a two-round championship for 2021.

'The idea is simple,' says the DTRA, 'We love racing all bikes, from minibikes to vintage, to the state of the art DTX bikes used by our Pro Class. The DTRA has a history of growth and introducing new classes to our diverse schedule, so the introduction of an electric class is a natural progression. Let’s get more people on bikes, having fun and racing with us. Our involvement in DirtQuake taught us that it’s a case of race what you have and have fun. We can grow this class into something special, so if you have something to ride come and join us.'

As far as rules for the new class go, the DTRA say they are keeping things simple. 'If your bike is electric you are welcome to join in. Depending on the number of entries we will then work on some power-based classes. We will run over two rounds at two excellent tracks. Entries will also be open to non-DTRA members.'

Round 1: Greenfield Dirt Track, Lincolnshire; 12/13 June

Round 2: MCN Festival, Peterborough; 4/5 September

For more info or to ask questions, go to

Poster art: Ryan Quickfall


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