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AFT Interceptor

I really liked the Interceptor 650 (INT650) when I went on the international launch (see Sideburn 35). I chased former road race champion, Royal Enfield road tester and amateur flat tracker, Paul Young, around the Southern Californian valleys faster than I could've imagined on an Enfield (and he still got away). And the price... You can't get a brand new, middleweight twin for that price anywhere else. It was clear Royal Enfield knew their niche and were after market share with their first twin for 50 years.

The Enfield 650s might not have the bells and whistles of other bikes, but some people don't want them, and that's be proven by news that the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 was Britain's best-selling motorcycle in June this year. Not best-selling retro. Or best-selling middleweight. Best-selling motorcycle.

And Royal Enfield are pushing the INT650 into the flat track arena. They have the Build. Train. Race programme we've posted about, and the tie-up with Johnny Lewis to develop Royal Enfield Slide Schools in the USA and India, and, of course, the FT Concept that forms the basis for an American Flat Track Production Twin race bike before the end of this mixed-up season. And Johnny Lewis is going to ride that too (see Sideburn 41).

Royal Enfield are also sponsoring AFT this season, and have built this bike as part of their profile raising effort. So, what do we have?

Based on a INT650 with stock frame, swingarm and tank.

Harris F1 forks in customs triple clamps

S&S two-into-one pipe. Looking at the size of the headers, I'm guessing it's got S&S big-bore kit in there too (see S&S Cycle's Enfield 650 Tuning options)

One-off race seat

K-Tech Razor shocks

RSD front wheel

19in rim laced to the stock hub

Pulse lithium battery

ODI bars

Repositioned left footpeg and gear lever

Keep your eyes peeled for a Sideburn x Royal Enfield joint project soon.


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