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Night Train

It's seems quite a while since we had an off-topic Sunday, but this one is back with a bang.

This is the Godfather of Soul, the Hardest Working Man in Showbusiness, Mr Dynamite, Soul Brother Number One, Mr James Brown, live on stage, doing a 180mph version of Night Train, at a pace so foot to the floor it's barely recognisable. I've posted a video of the original song below to illustrate the difference, between this orgasmic blast of showmanship and the pleasant lolloping, mid paced, sax-honker that made it's way on to vinyl.

The event is the 1964 TAMI Show, Teen Age Music International, an event thought up by American International Pictures, who filmed the US and UK pop acts and then edited it down to a cinema release film.

JB already has dust on his knees, so he clearly hasn't been taking it easy, but this performance is almost deranged in its breathlessness. Even his Famous Flames can't keep up. If you don't get a kick out of this performance it's unlikely we can ever really be friends.

The Rolling Stones followed James Brown's performance at the event. Keith Richards has been quoted as saying following JB on the bill that night was the worst decision of their career.

If you're wondering who the two wallies at the end are, it's surf crooners Jan and Dean.

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