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FTR 1200 145mph Wheelie

If there were any lingering doubts that Indian FTR 1200 is a serious muscle bike, a bloke called Cecil blew them out of the water earlier this week. At one of the regular top speed wheelie events are Elvington near York, England, Cecil 'Bubba' Myers set two different UK class records on a stock FTR 1200 S.

145.543mph New Flying Start ¼ mile record

145.613mph Standing Start Mile’ record – both in the production V-Twin up to 1350cc category.

The 2018 World Wheelie champion said, 'This has been a really positive introduction to the FTR. The bike was pretty much standard compared to everything else out there this weekend, so to set the speeds I did shows how much potential there is. The balance of the bike is really good, but I was most impressed by the engine; Its torque is really impressive and within just a couple of passes I was super comfortable with it. I hope we’re back next year.'

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