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Ron Wood: A Son's Eulogy

During the lifespan of Sideburn I've become friendly with Gar Wood, son on Ron. I've met him in America and also in the UK, when he's been touring with the band he's in, Hot Snakes. After Ron's recent death Gar sent me a message. It's a great eulogy and Gar gave me permission to publish it. GI

Hey Gary

I'm busy stay'n focused on how lucky we have been as a family. Having Ron enjoy his life, doin' his passion all the way through to his golden years.

I wanted to share how his last race at Willow went (5/2019). He had 'Big Red' (700cc Wood Rotax) all tuned & ready to go. But, during a check up that week, they held him in the hospital for a couple days. So he gave Carver and Ben Evans his keys and they went to his shop and picked up the bike and went. As you know, Carver beat the world's best in that Sunday "run what ya brung" Open Pro on "Big Red" for the big $.

✔️Mees (on his Indian),

✔️Halbert (on championship Dodge Bros XR),

✔️Bromley (on factory KTM 450),

✔️Rush(factory Honda 450).

The Best 450 Singles and the best Twins.

It was quite a special day in Wood Land.

He is an inspiration to us, and to many bike enthusiasts and builders everywhere. Knowing, you can carve your own path in this life, and still be at the top of your game, beating the champ, at 90 yrs young.

This personal Ron Wood Wood-Rotax is now with Jeffrey Carver and Ben Evans. Right where it should be, and right where Pops wanted it to be: In great hands, eat'n up the dirt of future tracks, and continuing taking its fair share of checkers

Thank you Gary for always giving our Dad's bikes the love in Sideburn.

Go Carver!

Love you Pops.

Gar Wood

Photos: Unknown (lifted from instagram, uncredited)

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