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King of Kings

Off-Topic Sunday from our man in Los Angeles...

This particular clip may seem well off topic, but then Sideburn itself is not all race reports, gearbox rebuilds and essays on frames. There’s been Dave Aldana’s leathers, Ornamental Conifer’s art, Japanese 150s (do yourself a favour, just get SB36 immediately) and Dave Skooter Farm. The common factor here? Style, absolute buckets of style. The magazine exudes it, as does just about everything in this clip from ‘This Is Ska!’ from 1964 and filmed in Kingston, Jamaica. The young Mr. Jimmy Cliff for instance, throwing moves that many rock stars who would appear in the mid 60s could be proud of. That band, tight as a 60s rock star’s trousers and seemingly featuring several members just vibing and dancing. And dancing? That audience, many in razor sharp rude boy finery, are just on fire, straight up party time. Double strong style. The levels of righteousness in this are off the chart.

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