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Carrera en Ovalo de Tierra

Researching a story on the very new Argentinian flat track scene for the next issue of Sideburn, I came across this cousin of the sport. The name literally means races on an oval of land.

The bikes in the first video below are obviously little two-strokes, but the next film, and the bikes in the photos are four-strokes. The riders skim their left feet, like flat trackers, but the tracks are hard, blue-groovy type tracks. Rims are as skinny as a corn snake, and the tyres, we're told, are road race or even slicks, so the bikes aim to 'two wheel' round the corners, rather than brake and slide. Still having road tyres on smooth dirt, means the do slide off the corners. The photos seem to show some bikes have more heavily treaded fronts than rears, but I found it very difficult to find info on the sport. All I know is it's for bikes below 125cc.

If you know more, please get in touch.

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