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Season Sweet Spot

The DTRA race season starts tomorrow. Even though I've had a couple of decent practices, a few Mablethorpe Beach races (before my Honda broke) and the Okie Dokie Race in Japan (see SB36), the first race of the 'proper' season is getting me more excited than it has any right too.

This will be my 13th season of UK flat track. I've missed a maximum of one race meeting per year. Most years I've competed at all of the DTRA or, before that, Short Track UK race meetings, plus other European and American races.

For the past week I've been going to sleep most nights thinking about bike prep or first corners, because this is the absolute sweet spot of the season for a middling amateur like me. The excitement of the first race mixed with unfounded optimism is yet to be tainted by reality. Right now I'm going to keep the throttle on later, then get back on it earlier, turn the bike quicker, lean it further and beat riders who normally beat me. Their luck has run out. I've got this.

Of course, I felt like this before, but even knowing that reality is going to slap my 47-year-old face harder than ever before can't dampen my enthusiasm. Maybe everything else really is waiting, but when the waiting is this exciting I can live it.

Photo: Paul France

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