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Running a magazine is an exercise in plate-spinning. Especially for a team as small as Sideburn's. Attracting, dealing with and keeping advertisers is one of my crucial roles. Luckily we have some great advertisers.

Advertisers expect to know when they have to deliver their adverts during the year, and that's one of the jobs of the media pack we produce and send out. The media pack needs updating every year with new deadline dates and a refresh. We're in the process of that and now and asked for some of our current advertisers to write a short testimonial, explaining why they choose to advertise with Sideburn. This came back from Bill Bryant, one of the co- founders of Biltwell. That's him in the photo, racing the Tankshift class at the recent Born Free Stampede TT race. Thanks Bill!

'Sideburn Magazine gives us a tickle in our trousers every issue, so we spend as much with them as possible!'

Buy Sideburn 35 and see what tickles the trousers down Temecula way. Order anything before the end January and you'll be entered into a draw to win slightly shop-worn copies of Sideburn 1, 2 and 3.

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