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Mablethorpe Tomorrow

Racing on the Lincolnshire beach takes place from around 11 tomorrow, Sunday. See a massive range of abilities (from GNC pro to monkey covering eyes emoji), a massive range of bikes (from billet grasstrackers to smiling poop emoji 125s) and it's free to spectate and walk around the pits.

Our most recent feature about Mablethorpe was written by Dave Bevan, who also took this photo of Carl CFM on the Yamaha TDR250 that he's now sold to another racer.

Dave wrote: '... in a day and age of stifling corporate gentrification, smothering noise restrictions and health and safety regulations, never has the existence of something as elemental and downright fun as homemade motorcycles hooning ovals around a sand track, which changes shape, line and texture along with the whims of the North Sea, seemed so important.'

Amen. Read the whole article in Sideburn 33 and maybe we'll see you there tomorrow.

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