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Big news in Sideburn Town - we've created a digital version of the new issue to sell to all the far-flung tracker fiends, flat track race fans and lovers of good moto magazines who are either:

a) paperphobic

b) not willing or able to pay for the shipping of our supremely beautiful, but surprisingly heavy magazine.

Above is a taster, that shows some of the openers, to hook the browsers. Click the circle in the middle to see it full screen size and you can zoom in further. You don't view it the size of a matchbox.

Buyers of the digital version pay only £2.50, and get all 116 pages to keep forever and ever (or until their hard drive crashes and they neglected to ever back it up (been there...)).

We're not turning our back on print, so why are we doing this?

1. We've been asked, occasionally, but for years, if we make a digital issue, so there is a desire for it.

2. We have a big following in far flung countries. Distribution is the killer for magazines. We should charge more for post than we do. We actually lose money on a lot of our shipping.

3. While there is certain charm to slogging our guts out to create a magazine that only has a limited reach, we're really proud of our stories, ideas and contributors' work and we want as many people around the world to read it as possible.

4. A few extra quid wouldn't go amiss to do more events, pay our contributors, commission more stuff...

So, you have a choice...

But please support the independents or all that is left are the megacorps, the people who sell your personal details to foreign governments, the bandwagon jumpers and the instant gratification merchants. You don't want that do you?

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