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Sideburn x Maxwell Paternoster

I left home at 4.30 yesterday morning to drive the 110 miles to the lair of artist Maxwell Paternoster. The early start was to miss the horrific London traffic (I did) and give Maxwell the best chance to paint three 6x4ft panels that we're going to use for backdrops for our show booths, starting with Motorcycle Social in Leeds next weekend.

I left Maxwell for most of the day, cycling over to Brian 'Bonafide' McGinn's new workshop/office in Clapton (which he has desk space going cheap in, if you're a 'creative' looking for an office in Clapton, Hackney area - link) where I worked on a nearly finished non-Sideburn project , then we had a bicycle ride to Jim's Cafe for a coffee, that turned into a beer with the owner, Drew, before back to Brian's to pack up and cycling the 20 minutes to Maxwell's to see, at 7.30pm, he still had a whole panel to do. It was going to be a long day. Still it gave me chance to chat, watch him work and film this time lapse.

Hope to see some of you at Motorcycle Social next week.

See more of Maxwell's work at @datanoster

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