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Daytona TT

As I take on my second full year as a pro I realize that the days before Daytona are a major panic. It’s always nice to know all the new stuff you have lined up in the off season works and runs smoothly. We turned up at Daytona with a good package, thanks to my dad, family and sponsors. I qualified 19th out of 63 in the singles. From the first practice to the semi I had issues with my front Supermoto brake, we got it working better by the semi but because we were still dealing with continuous issues we decided to use the standard MX brake for the main [Supermoto discs are should be better at the end of the TT straights].

The MX set-up offered more braking power and no fade I managed to start the year off with P6 at Daytona TT and it was nice to have my dad in the pits to start the year off! We tried but I will keep working on my fitness and getting the bikes as good as we can get them for round 2 in Atlanta, Ga. - I didn’t have the speed I would have liked at Daytona but there’s always areas to work on.

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