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Cool Kids Transalp

This Honda Transalp 650 was built by Cool Kids Customs in the Netherlands and is the second Transalp I've seen this year that made me seriously consider buying one (the other was at SnowQuake).

I saw the bike on Lenny Schuurmans'* Bubble Visor blog and he described the bike's components as 'Lego-coloured'. The distressed bodywork reminds me of flanks of an old fishing boat on a trailer. It could do with a front mudguard and rear fender to stop the rider being covered in Dutch road filth**, and I'd lose the shotgun cartridges on the seat, but that's it.

* Lenny is one of our favourite illustrators and is also tattooist, event organiser and blogger. We currently have two Lenny products in our shop, the High Mids T-shirt and the the Lenny Flash sticker pack.

** Dutch Road Filth is a good name for a band.

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