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Snoopy In Vietnam

Sideburn 27 included a memorable feature that covered Charles Schultz' Peanuts cartoons, Joe Motocross, the adoption of Snoopy as an anti-authority message for the US military in Vietnam and the women's rights movement written by Russ of UK-based clothing company TSPTR (yep, you're common or garden motorcycle feature). Our very good friend, Kiwi (exiled in Australia), Jerkyl and regular fellow traveller, Hardy Harman sent us this a little while ago.

This email's a little overdue but here I am all the same. Very low key Christmas/New Year over here which has been great, my father was over from Bali for a few days which has been nice. Having him here reminded me to send you these photos of his 'Snoopy' patches from Nam. He gave them to me years ago and as a child, I never really understood them so the article in SB#27 was a real education and insight for me, thanks. Hardy

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