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AFT2017 Race Now Online

Fanschoice is a wonderful thing for the modern flat track fan. Every minute of every race, right down to the countless laps of the tyre-packing trucks, livestreamed with expert analysis from Chris Carr, one of the all-time greats. And Fanschoice' coverage of American Flat Track didn't stop when the series landed a 2017 TV deal with NBCSN, but it did change.

Being based in the UK, the times of the live races are often late at night, into the early hours of the next day, for us. AFT (or AMA Pro Racing as it was), used to post the coverage to host on Fanschoice and, before that, post on YouTube, so fans could watch the week after. NBCSN, protecting their viewing figures, obviously didn't want that. However, we're happy to say all the 2017 races, Twins and Singles, are now online. Go to and thank the moto gods for free coverage of the sport.

(Photo: Andrea Wilson/AFT)

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