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Mablethorpe Beach Racer for Sale

UPDATE: Looks like the bike has been sold. Who's got it?

Now this looks like fun. I've never seen it at the beach, but I don't do every round. The description says it's raced there once. Not sure why only once. It'll be a handful, but most of the bikes in the big road bike class are.

It's up for £1150 or make an offer, which sounds like a grand to me. Go to Suzuki SV650 beach racer to find out more.

There's a spot on the unlimited road bike class starting line for you, if you fancy it. £15 to enter the club, then £35 race entries. You get one practice and five races of four laps (if you don't break down/crash, of course). There are about ten rounds left this season. No race licence, medical required or entering in advance required. Just turn up, pay your money and race.

Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough.

If a Sideburn reader doesn't buy this I'll be very disappointed.

UPDATE: Go to the Sideburn facebook page to see photos and video of this bike racing, under the post of this bike.

To be clear, this sale or bike is nothing to do with Sideburn. Buyer beware. Do your research.

Thanks again to Kev H for sniffing this one out.

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