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New Badge, Patch, Combo offer


Gold and enamel pin badge with a butterfly clasp to stick on your jacket and remind you that turning left is not just the winner’s way, it’s a state of mind.

The badge is sent pinned to a Sideburn beermat. So you also get a free beermat, albeit one with a hole in it.

We’ve made a lot of stylish stuff in ten years of Sideburn, and this is right up there with the French silk scarf from a few years ago.


Woven patch just begging to be sewn to your race leathers/denim jacket/school bag/Karate suit. It is ??cm (??in), the perfect size for a patch.


Get the Spanish T-shirt, plus the patch and badge for £23, saving £5 compared to buying the items individually.

Only a halfwit wouldn’t ‘Go Large’ on this deal.

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