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Kitchen Sink Drama - Bollywood Style

There are times when my sunshine life, with its candy floss clouds, cream cheese moon and lemonade gushing from every tap, gets too saccharine sweet, even for me, and I need some gritty realism to reset the dial. Something like this.

Harley, from the Isle of Man, sent the link through, with a simple note, 'I need a lie down now'. I know what he means. The clip, from the movie, Adavi Donga, left me an emotional wreck too. The nuance and layers of tension mixed with a withering pathos brought a lump to my throat. In a way, I didn't need to see the rest of the film to get the gist of the plot, but for those of you not entirely tuned in, here is the synopsis taken from wikipedia. It makes for harrowing reading. Contains spoilers.

When her husband is attacked by the goons, Sharada hides baby Chiranjeevi in a bush and runs away to escape the goons. He was found by an elephant who raises him as his own child in the forest along with other animals. Sharada is shocked when she found out her baby is missing and her husband is wrongly convicted and send to jail, much to her dismay.

Years later Radha visits the forests along with her friends and is attacked by goons. She is saved by Chiranjeevi, he later finds her house to return her radio she missed in the forest. Chiranjeevi kisses her while leaving after noticing her friend bidding goodbye with a kiss. Radha instantly falls in love with him and sets out to the forest in search of him. She is chased by the Tiger and falls into the river, where a deadly crocodile chases her. Chiranjeevi once again saves her life and takes her to his place. There, both of them fall with each other.

Poachers were trying to kidnap an elephant for a very long time and are unable to do so because Chiranjeevi saves them always. The poachers frame Chiranjeevi for a murder of an honest police officer. Chiranjeevi and Radha are chased by the police and Chiranjeevi is wounded from a gunshot. Sharada finds them and helps them. The village doctor identifies him as Sharada's child with the shivalingam tattoo which is on his shoulder but Chiranjeevi is unable to speak and understand her. Radha is with the elephant and its calf illustrates to him that Sharada is his mother.

Chiranjeevi is arrested by the police and is tortured in the jail. He breaks out of jail and ends up beating all the policemen. Sharada promises to educate her son and will take revenge against the villain. She teaches him everything and makes him a legitimate man. The rest of the story narrates how Chiranjeevi takes revenge against the villain.

I know, I know, it's obvious now you've been spoon-fed the plot. I hope this dank and dark view of a young couple in turmoil hasn't derailed your weekend.

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