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Indian FTR750: Available to Fans & Collectors

Back in late-February Indian offered to sell FTR750s to individuals and privateer teams for between $44,900 and $49,900. Earlier this week we were contacted by Indian's PR agency saying that a numbered edition of 50 FTR750s.

They are offering the following options:

· Buyers select their own number (on a first-come basis) from bikes 1-50

· Choose from a variety of custom finishes

· Optional instalment of a front brake

The price is $50,000. We asked what happened to the earlier proposed sale to teams, but got the answer 'those figures are not currently available'. We know someone in the UK who bought one of those advertised in February, but it hasn't been delivered yet.

Additionally, buyers will 'receive an incredible once-in-a-lifetime riding experience with their favourite Wrecking Crew rider'. If you haven't been concentrating, the 2017 Indian Wrecking Crew is Bryan Smith, Jared Mees and Brad Baker. Between them, they've one all but one of the eight races this year.

If you can't afford the bike, you can read about when we rode it, in Sideburn 27.

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