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Scammers on VFT.Org

It's one of the simple pleasures, scrolling through's for sale ads, but the site is becoming a honey pot for scammers. A good friend of ours lost well over £1000 when he advertised for some rare PM wheels and was duped into sending money to someone who said they had them. Then, just this morning, a bike I personally own has been used to try scam someone who posted a Wanted ad for a Wood Rotax.

The bike isn't a Wood Rotax and the prospective buyer got wise, but now my bike is on this popular site tainted with a link to scammers.

So, be very careful if you're putting wanted ads for items anywhere, but especially on There are some scumbags out there who seem to have enough knowledge of this corner of motorcycling to get people to part with significant amounts of money. Buyers beware!

Thanks to J-W and Anthony for letting me know.

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