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Flat Track on NBCSN: Details

American Flat Track (AFT) has announced more details of their partnership with NBC Sports Network to show every round of the season on US TV.

The 2017 Grand National Championship starts in Daytona on 16 March, but the TV coverage doesn't start until July, then runs for 18 weeks straight. This is taken directly from the press release...

NBCSN’s coverage of the 2017 American Flat Track season begins in July, kicking off 18 straight weeks of high-intensity American Flat Track telecasts, expertly produced by NASCAR Productions, LLC and highlighted by flag-to-flag race coverage of both classes. The shows will include exclusive features and editorial content telling the story of the world’s elite dirt track motorcycle racers as they battle for glory, while cutting-edge technology, including the latest in onboard cameras, will allow viewers to experience the pinnacle of dirt track motorcycle racing like never before.

If they get the features and onboard right, the races will be worth watching again, even if you know the results. The races will still be livestreamed by Fanschoice.

In our exclusive interview with AFT's CEO, Michael Lock, he described man of the changes and challenges pro flat track has ahead of it. Read the full Michael Lock interview.

Photo: Brian J Nelson

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