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See See Motorcycles: Empire Building

The See See Motorcycles family has been busy over the last few months. The hard riding makers of the wonderfully inclusive, beautifully decorated moto-coffee shop in Portland, Oregon not only organise the annual One Motorcycle Show, the annual (and oft-copied) 21 Helmets show, they are a huge help in organising Dirt Quake USA and also promote a winter series of indoor flat track at Salem plus they sponsor a variety of racers and riders. So how the hell they have found time to open See See KTM, a dealer in all things orange, just 100 yards from their coffee and clothing/moto parts store is beyond me.

If that wasn't enough, they're about to open their second See See coffee shop, this one in Reno, Nevada. They're launching the Nevada branch with a 21 Helmets show. See the details above.

Good luck See See!

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