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More flat trackers on UK ebay

eBay hound Kev H keeps sending us links to bikes on sale in the UK. These are for would-be DTRA racers.

One is a ready to race Suzuki 450, the others are a couple of DTRA vintage class compatible bikes that have the air of barn find/ on-going project about them, especially the one with the Can-Am tank. The two Triumphs are being sold by the same bloke who had the Triumph T100C on ice tyres a week or so ago. Looks like he bought a job lot of interesting, affordable vintage racers/projects. These sales are nothing to do with Sideburn. We know nothing about the quality or history of these bikes or even if they are what they purport to be, we're just passing on what's out there.

2006 Suzuki RMZ450 DTX

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