KTM chromoly main frame with custom subframe. The bike is built with the correct geometry to make a great handling flat tracker.

The motor is a 604 motor with a KTM GS560 head.

Comes with a remote starter!

The bike has been ridden three times since I built it , one of those times being with the DTRA where I got 2nd place in the Thunderbike class, so the bike is more than capable.

Most things on the bike are new apart from the mainframe and engine.

new dellorto phm40 pumper carb

New cobuilt custom stainless exhaust

New 19” 2.15 rims on Yamaha hubs

New tyres and inner tubes

New bodywork from survivor customs (tanks has aluminium fuel cell).

Nee seat from holy goat customs (leather tuck & roll).

New Pro taper clutch lever, with nee clutch cable.

New rental enduro high bars.

Rental bar clamps

New rear disk

New bates foo trubbers

Rex's Speedshop upgraded cdi.

The price is £5000 Ono

Contact Ross on 07960 540101

Located in South Yorkshire

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Guest blog from Max Inman with his predictions for the Indian Motorcycle DTRA Round 1, King's Lynn.


1. #14 Tim Neave

2. #11 Gary Birtwistle

3. #20 Toby Hales

Tim Neave grew up racing flat track in the UK, but he now races in BSB Superstock, so he rarely comes back to racing flat track, but when he does, he puts a show on.

2019 Hooligan winner Gary Birtwistle finished 4th in the 2019 Pro class while 2018 Champion Toby Hales finished 3rd in 2019. With the reigning champion and runner-up both being Spaniards, they’re unable to travel due to COVID.


1. #38 George Pickering

2. #93 Jack Bell

3. #500 Rob Mear

Read about the Devitt Vanoni Ducati Hooligan in the next Sideburn (SB45) (Photo: Will Hatlapa)

After having a fairly long break from racing DTRA George Pickering has come back to race an Indian FTR 1200. Every time 'Greenfield' George gets on a bike he shows how talented he is, but with not much time to practice on this heavyweight it could go any way.

17-year-old, Jack Bell is racing both the Hooligan and Pro class in the opening round, and showed he can ride the Devitt Vanoni Ducati Scrambler when he finished seconnd at DTRA’s Barnstormer last year.

It will be Rob Mear’s first time racing the Ducati Scrambler, and first time in the Hooligan class, but the former pro speedway racer sure knows he way around Kings Lynn’s speedway track.


1. #18 Jon Bell

2. #134 Chris Jenner

3. #77 Steve Newsham

Jon Bell in action. Read about his bike in Sideburn 39 (Photo: Tom Bing)

Jon Bell, 3rd place in the 2019 championship, has great style and shows people the way around the track a lot at race meetings, I’ve got no doubts about this one.

Chris Jenner’s riding has improved a lot over the last couple of years and he is now a top man in my predictions most of the time.

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Updated: May 5

I set the alarm to watch the AFT Atlanta SuperTT semis and Mains and this is what I thought...

Dallas Daniels is the Marc Marquez of dirt track

The teenager won the 2020 AFT Singles title by a M-I-L-E, in his first full season. On Saturday night he jumped on a twin, his first ever AFT Twins race, got the holeshot. Red flag, got the holeshot, and won by a M-I-L-E. He had what looked like ten bike lengths by the time he hit the 'jump' for the first time. I know TTs are different, and the first corner was a hell of a pinch point, so it was always going to benefit the first rider through, but still, he blew a talented Production Twins class to smithereens.

Then, he went straight from the podium to the AFT Singles main and won that, flag to flag in an even more talented pack.

There was talk of the last rider to win two GNC classes in one day being Ricky Graham - who won Expert and the 883 class back in the day.

Yamaha had a great day

Three races, three wins, the brand's best ever performance. Daniels won his two races, and JD Beach lived up to our, and many other peoples', prediction, with a dominant win in AFT Twins. Not only that, his junior team-mate, Kolby Carlile, scored a SuperTwins best finish of fifth, and Mikey Rush, Dallas Daniels' experienced team-mate, was second in Singles. Beach also won the Mission Foods Dash, for the four fastest qualifiers, and $5000.

Tim Estenson is a massive supporter of the sport, this was the team's home race, and it was close to perfect. Who could begrudge him this great day? Not me.

Royal Enfield looked great right up to...

...the point they didn't, and it was nothing to do with the bike. Johnny Lewis won his semi, and the former factory KTM supermoto star looked comfortable on the TT, appearing to be odds-on for at least a podium, possibly challenging for the win, until he had an ugly highside exiting turn 1, lap 1 of the main. His helmet was a right-off, he was demoted to row 5 for the restart, but worked through the pack to finish fifth in the Production Twins class. Disappointing, compared to what could have been, but still impressive.

Mees Knees

Jared Mees can usually ride through injuries, but not the knee complaint he turned up to the Georgia track with. He didn't practice on Friday and struggled all of race day. There was controversy and social media hubbub when it was realised his lap times were not within the 107% of the pole-sitter's time. AFT's rules clearly state a rider not qualifying within 107% of the pole time cannot take their place in main, but Mees did, and because there were only 15 riders, he earned a point. It's possible, but highly unlikely, that a single point will have any effect on the end of season standings, but whoever is running the race day show at AFT needs ensure the rules are stuck to or risk losing credibility.

TTs Throw Up Strange Results

Spaniard Ferran Cardus was third in the Singles, using a radical kneedown technique to score his first AFT podium. Cardus must have worked hard to get permission to even travel to the US. Will he score another podium, on an oval? His friend and sponsor Brad Baker thinks so.

Pastrana Proved the Doubters Wrong

Not many of Sideburn's followers, who commented on our instagram feed, thought he'd make the main, but he did, and finished 9th, one behind fellow wild card Ryan Sipes, and three places behind young gun, Kody Kopp who put down a marker for the future with a solid sixth.

Kolkman Nearly Had a Dream Return

Californian Kayl Kolkman sat out the whole of the 2020 AFT season, while still racing in California, and was in Production Twins podium contention until the dying stages of the race, when Dan Bromley sniffed a gap and took third place, Kayl was fourth at the line.

Can We Talk About The Jump?

I'm not sure what the track builders were thinking, or what they'd been instructed, but it wasn't a great advert for the sport. Pro racers could hit a jump like that at 140mph on a superbike and be OK. What were they afraid of if they'd made a jump where bikes actually left the ground?

AFT have to make the track safe, we realise that, but that also have to make a spectacle, and not only was the jump not that, each race was won from flag-to-flag. It's hard to pinpoint what could change with the track to alter that. I've never been a big fan of TTs and nothing about that track changed my mind. It looked like lame supermoto, and was only interesting (to me, at least) because of the way results might affect the season-end standings.



1 Dallas Daniels

2. Mikey Rush

3. Ferran Cardus

Production Twins

1 Dallas Daniels

2 Dalton Gauthier

3 Dan Bromley


1 JD Beach

2 Jarod Vanderkooi

3 Briar Bauman

The next round is the Texas HM on 22 May.

Photos: Courtesy of AFT