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BCKustoms Sportster 

Words: Yann Le-Douche

Photos: Laurent Boyer Visions

I've always been addicted by motorcycle racing, and starting having interest in flat track racing when I heard Kenny Roberts, in the early ’90s, talking about the skills it gave riders. My company, BCKustoms was born and started building race inspired custom motorcycles when I retired from world  championship motorcycle racing in 2009, after seasons as a mechanic and later team coordinator.


After years riding on racetracks, and later in working in pit lane, I attended the 2012 AMA Flat Track in Daytona and saw there was no greater series and that small added tricks combined with big balls riders helped to make a great show. I decided then to start building my first street trackers and looking closer at the flat track racing scene and what Sideburn created the same year with its first Dirt Quake.


I had the Sportster engine in an OEM frame at the workshop from back in 2009 and it was supposed to be part of my own ultimate tracker that I would build when I had the time. Then I started to notice hooligan racing and, after a first contact with the new French flat track scene and Vintage Racing Spirit in Lyon last February, I decided to build that project for the upcoming Dirt Quake VI.


As the hooligan rulebook describes the main frame cannot be modified, so I had to find the correct items to best fit a roadster frame and turn it into a real flat track racer. First I ‘built’ the bike to scale on a computer to adjust overall proportions and set all the details, then the parts were gathered on a budget to start building the bike.


The bodywork parts were bought long time ago, but the first fuel tank ended up being used on the BCK-014 XS500 Street Tracker and I needed a replacement from the Redmax Speed Shop.


As per BCKustoms’ signature, the stainless exhaust system has been made from scratch, this time to match the new factory Harley-Davidson XG750R design, giving the 30-year-old model a modern touch. The paint scheme was inspired by 2016 Rogers Racing XR750 AMA racer, ridden by Jared Mees.


But this racer is not just a Hooligan Racing machine. I wanted to build a nice looking tracker that I can display and have people in my home area of Brittany, France start talking about flat track racing, the DirtQuake event and this awesome sport's growth. I want to raise enough interest for oval racing in his area and get to the next level: building a local race track.


1992 Harley-Davidson Sportster

Design & build: Yann Le-Douche


Engine: 1986 XLH 883 4-speed engine; Wiseco 1200cc engine kit; BCK designed air cleaner with K&N E-3205 filter; Atelier du Graveur engraving on for point cover and exhausts; TwinTec ignition; NGK spark plugs and leads;  S&S SuperE carb; BCK stainless XG750R style exhaust system; Fifties and More brushed finished BCK designed rear sprockets; KCP Designs wiring loom

Wheels: 1977 and 1983 MAG wheels for one set / 1999 HD spokes wheel set for racing

Tyres: Mitas H-18 / Maxxis DTR-1

Brakes: BCK designed wave rotor with Suzuki GSX-R master cylinder and rear caliper

Forks: 1999 H-D front end with shaved legs; Composite Sellerie fiberglass for guards

Shocks: Racing piggyback units

Handlebars: LSL flat track bar 7/8" with Buell adjustable and foldable lever

Footpegs & shift peg: BCK designed and laser cut rearsets

Bodywork: RedMax SpeedShop Trackmaster fiberglass tank and late XR seat; BCK handmade number board with Cap Enseignes race numbers and seat/tank upper cover; BCK seat with Sellerie Eric Clement cover.

Paintwork: KCP Designs


BCKustoms is supported by:

L'Académie de la Bière - Chartres 

T4 Klinik - VW Transporter specialist - Gourlizon 

KCP Designs - Custom motorcycles and paint - Harley specialist - Rédéné 

Fifties and More - Surface treatment - Pont-Croix 

Sellerie Eric Clément - Auto upholstery, Quimper 

Atelier du Graveur - Engraving - Ergué-Gabéric 

Cap Enseignes - Stickers and advertising - Chateaulin 

Dezert Point - Skate & Surf Shop - Quimper 

Moto Sélection Honda - Quimper 

Special thanks to T2xC workshop in Quimper which took care about exhaust welding and all spacers machining.

BCKustoms would like to thanks also the 50 first persons who pre-order the support T-shirt last month and let them know their names will be on the tank of the bike and shown proudly on track!

Photos: Xxxxx xxxx

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