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This Is What I Want To Do

We're getting lots of nice messages about our plan to pause production of the mag for the foreseeable. This is a good one from Thomas in the Netherlands. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch.

So the magazine issues will come to an end, sad news for us fans but no doubt you will have your reasons and nothing but respect for that. Wish you all good luck with what you will be doing in the future and thanks for all the work and great magazines.

On an more personal note, when I got the first SB issue some 14 years ago (someone gave it to me, don't remember who), I thought, This is what I want to do as well! Got all the following issues, got my bike sorted, even bought a Sun rim from 'Dutch Brother' Mick Jansen, fixed suspension and signed me up for a training with Chris Carr who came to visit the Netherlands. Anyway things didn't go through as planned as one of my kids got sick at the time and needed to stay in the hospital for a week. As result I didn't do the course and actually never rode that bike, and sold it a year later but kept the wheels and suspension.

Above is the bike I had prepared in 2009 a KTM 525SX (4 speed). Below is of Chris Carr's DTX bike I, also KTM RFS model probably a 450 [one of these ended up in the UK.].

Fast forward a dozen years to last year when I found out about the Dutch Flat Track cup and training / slide school of Maikel Dijkstra, gotta say it was now or never moment. So got the wheels out and burnt some midnight oil to get the new bike ready for season 2023. To cut a long story sort, finished the four races of this season to fifth in Newbie class, had a blast and met a lot of nice people doing so. It was a great experience for me and in a way a long treasured wish...

So shoutout to you guys, stay healthy, and Godspeed.

Thomas, The Netherlands


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