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The Freedom Principle

I helped, in a small way, to put together this neat film made for the website, Influx. Influx is a automotive culture website financed by Adrian Flux insurance. Adrian Flux have been big supporters of Sideburn and the early days of Dirt Quake, and their motorcycle division, Bikesure, still regularly advertise in Sideburn. They're also sponsors of the King's Lynn track the DTRA raced at on Sunday, so their heart and sponsorship money is certainly in the right place as far as we're concerned.

My role was to round up three interesting green lane riders to be filmed and interviewed, then interview them for the film. I chose Leftie from Sudo Cycles, Nick Ashley and Lucia Aucott from the Sideburn 32 cover and Yamafia England, all good friends of Sideburn. I think the film has turned out great and Nick's trail tips are very memorable. Thanks to those three for coming along, on a lovely Bank Holiday Monday.

Our mate and sometime contributor, Mike Fordham, wrote an article to accompany the video. See it at

Remember to try Adrian Flux and Bikesure next time you need any kind of insurance. They support the independents.


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