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SB x Maxwell Paternoster

'Get This Bitch Sideways' bellows the crazed whippet, as the bike powers towards its date with destiny. Originally drawn to advertise an early Sideburn event in Yorkshire, artist Maxwell Paternoster resorted to the best kind of stereotypes to create a flat-capped rider and his four-legged friend off to rip some skids.

The artwork had become a favourite among the SB cognoscenti and we eventually got around to making a small range of non-essentials. There's the Sideways mug, for £12.

And it comes in a neat box.

There's a Sideways giclee art print, signed by Maxwell.

There's the Sideways embroidered patch, for £5.

That comes on a neat backing card.

You can get it all at

Merch message concludes. Let's get this bitch sideways!


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