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Off-Topic: The Best Thing...

Guest post from Andy Ford. He knows that Jerry Dammers was always the coolest in The Specials...

You'll like this curio, buddy.

Jerry Dammers, the tsar of ska, founder of Two-Tone Records and obsessive writer of most of the Specials' most special ones, finds himself sans incisors thanks to a flying pint glass, and sans Specials too; they'd nicked off to the Fun Boy Three thanks to him being rather hard work.

His answer is to put the Special AKA together and start all over again. But he's too up tight to leave the artists to do their own thing, so he records his own vocals to show Rhoda [Dakar, Specials collaborator and former singer of The Bodysnatchers] how to sing; usually ending up binning her versions and using his own.

Jerry Dammers: style icon

Anyhow, he's out of money and it's before Free Nelson Mandela made him a hero and a matzah. But he's written a funny song called What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend and wants to splurge the last of his wedge on a video. So obviously he plays the lead, as a Coventry Peter Lorre, no teeth, baby girl vocals, dressed as a martian going to a nightclub.


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Mar 06, 2023

Having never seen this video before, I am now even more bewildered and in awe. I want a sailor's cap too.....

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