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Indian FTR 1200 Rally

Long gone are the days of the motorcycle industry's two-year new model merry-go-round, the relentless churn of new models. Now there is a new business model: build a platform model, then spin new model derivatives off it every year.

Indian are on board with the programme and have followed up the FTR 1200, 1200 S and 1200 S Race Replica with the recently released FTR 1200 Rally. How's it differ?

The main difference from the base model is wire spoked wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tyres. Wheels are the same 19 front, 18 rear combo.

The Rally gets a different seat, a little flyscreen, higher bars and it's own exclusive colour - it currently only comes in Titanium Smoke (dark grey).

At £12,149 (in the UK) it's £250 more than the base 1200.

Our friends at Krazy Horse have demo bikes at all of their three locations (Bury St Edmunds, London and the new Oxford Farmhouse).

Contact Krazy Horse or Indian Motorcycle for more details.


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