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Hedon x Krazy Horse

We're never shy about saying how much we love the UK bike dealership, Krazy Horse. They keep growing, innovating, supporting and supplying good times across the UK scene.

They recently collaborated with UK helmet company Hedon, who explain, 'Krazy Horse wanted to create a helmet that represented [KH founder] Paul Beamish’s unique and bold personality. Paul loves Art Deco, as well as the colour silver. It didn't take long for Hedon's Creative and Art Director Lindsay, to come up with a design that was able to reflect that. Dark geometric silhouettes and shapes are one of the fundamentals in Art Deco which is why the Xtasy design was a great base.'

The press release continues, 'The Hedon x Krazy Horse helmet is built on the classic Hedonist fibreglass and carbon-fibre open-faced shell. Its black diagonal cross cuts across a black base and a white top, with hand applied silver-flake sides. The Krazy Horse logo adorns the rear of the shell with the Hedon logo on the brow.

'The helmet is trimmed with natural calf leather trim and lining, with gunmetal hardware and plate. It has Hed armour lining with 360 degree cushion padding. It can be paired with a Hedon shield or bubble visor in an array of colours, or can be twinned with goggles.'

The price is £495 in the UK, $495 in the US. Available from or


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