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Free Tote: When You Subscribe

Subscribe to Sideburn from today and get this free limited edition tote bag screenprinted in the UK with super artwork from Jim Koch.

You can choose to subscribe from the previous issue, the current one, or the next one, just choose from the dropdown menu. If you choose from the next issue we will send the bag with the magazine next March.

The tote is capable of transporting wither KFC bargain buckets or organic avocados and volumes of poetry, depending on your personal tastes. It's cotton, folds up small and is soaked in smug that rubs off every time you use it instead of needing to buy a plastic bag.

Read more about Jim Koch and his art in Sideburn 41

1 Comment

Dec 29, 2020

Hi, I’m not sure when my current subscription expires? Any chance you could let me know?


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