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For Sale: Rotax Framer

From Odgie, one of the forces behind the Dirt Diggers event (and as journalist editor of Back Street Heroes and AWOL magazine. He (not this bike) was featured in SB29). This is what he says...

Okay, lockdown’s ending, race dates are out, season’s coming... I’ve half-heartedly offered this up before, but now I actually want the money for something else, so this is a serious attempt to sell it. It’s a genuine Cotterell Brothers (C&J-style) Rotax framer built with all the right parts, and comes turn-key ready to race, fresh oil and filter, new tyres, some useful stuff and spares including a practice back wheel and tyre.

It’s a genuine, great handling bike, I’m only selling cos I’ve already got two vintage bikes and I just don’t use it. I’m asking £5,500 for it please. If you’re interested then for more details, photos and a riding video, drop me a mail please to

The bike is located in NW England/Lancashire.


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