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E-Type by DSC

Sideburn contributor Death Spray Custom painted this E-Type a couple of years ago. I interviewed him at the time and it was very enlightening. This is just one nugget.

'There are things I do that are absolutely not art and there are things that 100% are art. I’m cursed that my method is also a service. You could say pinstriping is an art, but really it’s a craft. You see descriptions of the art of tattooing, but is it an art or a craft? If you’re painting a crash helmet with a pattern is that asking any questions? No, it’s just pretty. But if you made the helmet out of paper then painted it, you’re asking questions about what the piece is and what it means. On one hand I definitely think a lot of my work is craft, and my less popular, less likeable works are art and that’s what I want to do more of.’


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