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Don't Be A Dick

Following the news of our upcoming mag launch that we're doing with Hebtroco, I wanted to write a bit about the company. Hebtroco have been supporters of Sideburn since their launch (and vice versa). Their USP, unique selling point, is all their products are made in the UK. It started with trousers, but has expanded to all sorts of men's clothes and various limited edition accessories and even houseware.

Hebtroco founder Brant and Ed

Because they make stuff in the UK, in small quantities, the prices are higher than mass-produced, factory made, imported stuff. Most people with two brain cells to rub together can grasp that notion. However, they also choose to frequently advertise on Facebook, which brings their price tags to the attention of people who don't seem to have two brain cells to rub together, and can't wait to prove it. That's what the film at the top of this post is all about.

Facebook adverts arrive in people's feeds, without them asking to be targeted. Rather than scrolling past, some respond with rudeness and aggression. Rather than thinking Hebtroco are doing the right thing, keeping British firms, skills and workers alive, they berate them for their prices or designs. Hebtroco often respond, but sometimes it gets to them, depicted in the film by co-founder Ed, going for a head-clearing clothes-on swim. The section shows someone at the end of their mental tether, realising in time they don't need to do anything too drastic, just press the reset and escape the screens for a while.

Whereas the film directly above explains why their things cost what they cost. Paying people a living wage and all that.

Not everyone can afford Hebtroco products, others choose to spend their money on other stuff, but comparing Hebtroco products to Primark or Levis is so head-bangingly dumb that I can't even be bothered to search for an analogy to compare it too.

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21 de mar. de 2023

Simple answer - AVOID FACEBOOK, its not compulsory

If you choose to go there , then this stuff is guaranteed

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