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Alloy Plates in Stock

Alloy number plates for your race bike or street tracker. Made in the UK for Sideburn from 1.2mm (18-gauge) aluminium. Each plate has a swaged edge to give rigidity but the plates can be relatively easily contoured to shape to your bike. Leave them bare, polish them, paint them, powdercoat them...

Drill them to suit your bike.

Available in traditional rectangular or 'Go Faster' parallelogram shape. The rectangular ones are available as pairs or single. The Go Faster are pairs only.

305mm wide by 254mm tall (12 x 10in). 1.2mm thick. (+/- 10mm tol.)

The blue one still has its protective film on.

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08 abr 2020

One day...and I’m gonna shine ‘em up mirror like! Dig.

Me gusta
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