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AFT DuQuoin Tomorrow

It's the DuQuoin Mile tomorrow, and I nearly wrote that AFT return for the first time since 2015, but that's incorrect, because the previous race was pre-AFT's formation.

Jared Mees (#1, above) was second then, the only current racer who was on the podium, that he shared with Bryan Smith and Kenny Coolbeth.

Reigning champion Mees is going into this third mile in succession having won the previous two, Sacramento and the Red Mile. Daniels was a very close second at both. Mees has won four races to Dallas Daniels' three, but he trails Daniels in the points 164 to 180, with JD Beach in third on 131pts. Mees has no weak points, as long as he stays injury free. He might not beat Beach at the TTs, but he's proven he can beat Daniels, though Daniels will have another year's experience to when Mees beat him at Castle Rock last year.

Considering just how young Dallas Daniels is, he turns 20 next week, he has no obvious weak points, except, perhaps he's just not quite as wily as Mees yet, but I'm splitting hairs.

You can watch the whole DuQuoin programme, live or catch-up, on (no longer free, but worth the subscription and the sport needs our support). Complete coverage of this Saturday’s DuQuoin Mile will kick off with the day’s first practice session at 4:30 p.m. ET (1:30 p.m. PT).

Here's a whole minute of highlights from the Red Mile.

I was looking through the AFT media photo archive for this post and found a bunch of great photos from the previous race, the Red Mile Kentucky. These are all taken by Tim Lester, during practice and qualifying, and are great examples of body english.

JD Beach in the deeper stuff

Davis Fisher fully committed, classic style

Briar Bauman trying to tame the KTM 890. Read his thought on the bike in Sideburn 53

Jarod Vanderkooi counter-weighting. Ford logo remind us of Chris Carr. Kneeslider velcro (if that's what it is) is a faux pas. Sort it out, 4SR Leathers.

Kolby Carlile grabbing a tear-off, feet-up, tow on the brake.

Dallas Daniels getting it. How great is this!?


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