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Sideburn Scarves!

It's been a few years since we made a scarf and we've returned to this niche market with a black and cream beauty that has been undergoing tests around the necks and wrists of some of Britain's most feckless football hooligans since the mid-1970s*.

The Sideburn Springfield scarf is high-definition, meaning the stitching is closer to give a better quality image. You could almost use the Ryan Roadkill graphic we commissioned as a parts manual.

One side has our logo big and bold, the other has the speeding XR from our Springfield skate deck and T-shirt, with two smaller Sideburn logos at either end.

Made in England

We can guarantee this is one size fits all.

100% acrylic

£17 + post

* This statement is not true. It's a scarf, we have not conducted any significant testing procedure.

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